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Version for Windows.
4.3 (Votes: 2)
Systems: Windows
Windows XP
Windows Vista
Windows 7
Windows 8
Windows 10
Size: 1 MB (online downloader)
Langs English   else
License (Free)
Updated: 2021-10-20

General information about the program

BlueStacks AppPlayer is the most stable Android platform’s emulator for PC. Compared to the other emulators, the program has a very friendly interface and free access. You can get all functions of modern smartphones and tablets.

Many apps and games require that you have Google Play account and network connection. Just register Gmail account and connect it to your virtual device via settings of the emulator (Manage Accounts option). Then choose search icon in the upper left corner to find any mobile application in Google store. You can also sync your real Android phone with PC (via the cloud connection), set date and time, manage installed the application, and change keyboard settings.

If you want to play on PC in popular Android games like Angry Birds, Subway Surfers or Flappy Bird, AppPlayer would help you. The program can run all top mobile games (in full-screen mode) or interesting apps without serious problems including social mobile clients. And, of course, there are several exceptions. So you don’t need to worry about bugs in these apps. In this case, you should give feedback about all errors. Developers will fix it in the new version of the program. Now they are working on a stability of game emulation. They are also trying to make a more comfortable interface and navigation.

Latest comments
GrandLight wrote:
02.09.2014, 01:58
Ye. You need a good machine with 2 GB (as minimal) to emulate Android platform by this app.
Blade wrote:
02.09.2014, 01:57
Is it true, that BlueStacks is requiring for 2 GB of memory?
5sizeoversize5 wrote:
02.09.2014, 01:56
It's the best solution for whose, who want to play modern Android games on your PC. Just remember that thing.


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