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Kinguser is a lightweight application made for users who want to manage Root access. It’s easy in use and doesn’t require anything special except Superuser privileges. There are two ways how you can manage Root access to your mobile software. First of all, when you are launching the app that requires rooting you’ll be viewing a window with Root access permission. So, if you want to root this app, then you should tap on the Allow button. As an alternative method, you are able to control rooting processes in the main menu of the app. Just tap on the Root authorization option and choose the app you want. You will see 3 buttons: Allow, Deny, and Prompt. Using these options, you are able to manage Root access for all your application in the list.

The utility allows you to delete pre-installed and system apps. To uninstall wanted applications, tap on Uninstall tool which is on the main screen. Then choose an app you want to delete and tap the Uninstall button. Some application can be red-lighted. It means that you can’t uninstall them. Also, you can manage startup applications in the Auto-start option. You are able to set up those apps that should be run on startup in the background. To view your action history, you have to tap on the icon which is on the main screen.

As for the Kingmaster section, it’s a freeware tuning utility aimed to increase your system performance. But it goes as a separate module. It’s not an in-built application.

Kinguser has lots of advantages. If you need to have a comprehensive and small Root access manager, then this app could be a really good assistant.

Key features and functions

  • Easy-in-use interface.
  • Allow or disallow Root access for chosen applications.
  • Use special tools to unistall apps and control Auto-start.
  • You can view your action history.


Special requirements

  • Root access is required.

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Size: 1.7 MB
License: Freeware (Free)
Updated: 23.07.2016
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