MoboMarket is a popular market application for Android phones and tablets. It can be assumed as a good alternative to Google Play and MoboGenie. The program provides lots of games and apps that can be found in other Android markets. There are also apps that wouldn’t be approved by Google. As a small bonus, the app has a cleaning tool that will help you to delete unwanted things from your device and boost memory.

The app has a simple and easy in use interface. It has a handsome and remarkable layout. You can see the following tabs in the top panel: Discover, Games, Apps, Exclusive, Wallpapers, and Video. There are also navigation categories, as Must Have, Camera, Collections, and Lifestyle. You can find any item, using these tabs. Or you can use the search form, which is on the top of the screen. Every market application has its own description and user reviews. Also, there are two columns: The Bad and The Good. They are similar to YouTube likes. So, you can easily define which app like people there. The market often recommends you to check the list of the most popular apps. Users can navigate game categories or sort them by popularity (Top Charts). If you want to download new themes and wallpapers, you should know that you must install them yourself because these applications are not hosted by Google Play Store.

MoboMarket is a handsome Android market. If you can’t use Google Play Store for some reasons, this app can be a good solution.  Besides, it provides a lot of unique apps that you can’t find in other markets.

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Size: 4.91 MB
License: Freeware (Free)
Updated: 27.06.2016
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