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Adblock Plus is the most popular extension for browsers. If you tired off annoying advertisement and pop-up windows, then it’s a good solution to resolve all these problems. It is very useful when you have a deal with malicious java-script files on unknown sites. You won’t see any vulgar banners (including Flash animation) after installing the extension. If you see ad element on the page, you can always hide it by "Block image" option. It’s compatible even with Internet Explorer not to mention about Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Opera.

There is also ad blocking in video from YouTube and other video services. You can ban all ads on social media sites. The configuration of extension allows to add sites in the white list and make exceptions. There is also the option of allowing acceptable ads. In this case, the advertisement is considered not to be so disturbing as always. If you don’t like it, then you should uncheck this setting in filter preferences.

Use filter list to make a system your own rules for web pages. It really can help with customization and acceleration. The extension interface is simple and comfortable for the network. Just set it up and forget about ad spam on the Internet.

Key features and functions

  • It blocks banner, video and pop-up ads.
  • It’s absolutely free. But users can contribute to developers via a special button.
  • It works on Opera, Safari, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer.
  • Anti-tracking protection.
  • Effective against malware domains.
  • The extension can remove social media buttons.
  • Open source project.

What's new?

2.8.2 (12.12.2016)
  • Improved mechanism of Pop-ups blocking.
  • Fixed an issue with page slowing down when opening blockable item list.
  • Better recognition for active shortcut keys.
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Size: 2.7 MB
License: Freeware (Free)
Updated: 20.08.2022
Version: 3.14.1 (Google Chrome / Opera / Firefox / Microsoft Edge) + 1.5 (Internet Explorer)
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Latest comments

01.09.2014 17:59
Don't know, but I've some troubles with blocking ad. Sometime it doesn't help. Dunno why...
01.09.2014 17:57
It's awesome app. It's very useful, when you need to surf Internet for all day.
01.09.2014 16:09
Don't know, but I've some troubles with blocking ad. Sometime it doesn't help. Dunno why...

May be you have viruses or installed adware programs on your PC. Check it for security. Adblock can't block any type of spyware/adware.