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The Internet became more than a technology. It changed essentially lifestyle, social activity, and granted a wide range of opportunities. Many people worldwide prefer to communicate via instant messengers and social medias made in the era of the global network. Also, users can’t imagine their work on the Internet without browsers and browser extensions that add convenience and simplify web surfing.

The section contents a variety of browser programs that show high-speed and stable performance. Also, you will discover reliable instant messengers, webcam applications, file sharing utilities, email, cloud storage programs, broadcasting software, and even clients of popular web services like Steam, GOG, Origin, and others.

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Google Chrome 96.0.4664.93
Chrome is a fast and safe web browser built for the modern web.
Mozilla Firefox 39.0
Mozilla Firefox 95.0
One of the best and popular browsers in the world.
Opera 31.0.1889.99
Opera 82.0.4227.23
Popular browser with user-friendly navigation interface and useful functionality.
UC Browser
A convenient cross-platform web browser with an in-built ad blocker.
Internet Explorer 11.0.11
Internet Explorer 11 11.0.11
Reliable and fast browser that provides a classical interface, HTML5 support and useful tab panel.
Microsoft Edge 38.14393.0.0
The major web browser on Windows 10. It supports HTML5 standards and provides a lot of modern features.
µTorrent (uTorrent) 3.5.5 build 46090
One of the best free torrent clients. It's tiny and powerful tool for sharing and downloading files.
Steam 1637624439
The client of the popular game market that provides vast opportunities for players and game developers.
SopCast 4.2.0
A simple utility that supports P2P technology and allows you to watch online TV.
Popular client for purchasing and downloading games published by Electronic Arts.
Open Broadcaster Software 27.1.3
The powerful software for broadcasting and live streaming that supports lots of RTMP services.
Netflix 6.93.478.0
The official client of the popular streaming service that allows you to watch TV, movies, and series online.
XSplit Gamecaster 4.0.2109.2802
This live streaming software allows you to broadcast game walkthroughs.
Pluto TV 0.4.2
A handy utility that provides an access to a huge library of TV channels and music videos.
Discord 1.0.9003
The popular instant messaging application that supports voice chat, video conferences, and community servers.
Skype is the world's most popular client for voice communication. It allows you to make calls to home and cell phones.
Yandex Browser
Modern web browser with Chromium engine.
Zoom 5.8.7
The most popular video-conferencing application that provides access to cloud platform for chat, webinars, video and audio calls.
MediaGet 3.01.4001
The modern torrent client that has additional media functions.
webcamXP Build 40132
A small and free utility that allows you to control your network camera and webcam.
Ubisoft Connect (uPlay)
The popular gaming platform made by Ubisoft. It allows you to purchase and play various games.
A funny program that allows you to change your webcam image and add fantastic effects.
A modern fast internet browser based on WebKit and Trident web engine.
Comodo Dragon 60.0.3112.114
A reliable and secure web browser that offers a variety of tools and features.
Torch Browser
A fast and powerful web browser based on the Chromium engine.
Cisco Webex Meetings
A functional application that allows you to make or join video conferences.
Chromium 90.0.4432
A modern browser that shows high-speed performance when surfing web pages.
Cyberfox 52.6.1
A convenient browser based on Gecko web engine. It has a modern interface and shows high-speed performance when opening web pages.
BitTorrent 7.10.5 Build 46011
A fast and convenient torrent client that lets you quickly download files from the network.
Psiphon 3 Build 129
This utility gives you an opportunity to circumvent network censorship.
Pale Moon 27.7.2
An open source browser that focuses on stable performance and customization options.
Vivaldi 5.0.2497.24
A brand new web browser based on Chromium and Blink engine. It has a lot of functions from Opera browser.
Safari 5.1.7
A reliable and handy web browser made by Apple.
XSplit Broadcaster 4.2.2109.2903
This software allows you to create live broadcasts and video recordings using various tools.
It's the free utility that allows you to broadcast and record videos.
Baidu Browser 43.23.1008.601
A convenient web browser that demonstrates stable and high-speed performance.
A popular torrent client that allows you to download large files.
Gameshow 4.5.1
The modern and powerful program for live streaming and video recording.
GOG Galaxy
It is the official GOG client for downloading and purchasing computer games.
SteelSoft TV 5.2
A compact utility that supports video broadcasting and allows you to watch TV shows online.
Adobe Flash Player
This software will help you to watch video and play games built on Flash technology.
All-Radio 4.26
A small program that allows you to watch TV channels and listen to radio stations online.