«TV Online»

There are several programs that can help you to watch TV online. They distinguished by functions. Some of the utilities allow you to watch video channels using a digital TV tuner device. There are also video streaming applications and peer-to-peer players. The last ones use a popular technology that allows you to share the stream with other people. The more users watch a channel the more speed you may have. The most popular TV streaming utilities like SopCast use the sharing algorithm.

If you won’t take care of additional TV devices and peer-to-peer software, then you should pay attention to Netflix or Pluto TV. They are popular online platforms that allow you to watch a film or series. These utilities work as online cinema and have no speed limits as other ones.

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SopCast 4.2.0
A simple utility that supports P2P technology and allows you to watch online TV.
Netflix 6.93.478.0
The official client of the popular streaming service that allows you to watch TV, movies, and series online.
Pluto TV 0.4.2
A handy utility that provides an access to a huge library of TV channels and music videos.
Open Broadcaster Software 27.1.3
The powerful software for broadcasting and live streaming that supports lots of RTMP services.
All-Radio 4.26
A small program that allows you to watch TV channels and listen to radio stations online.
SteelSoft TV 5.2
A compact utility that supports video broadcasting and allows you to watch TV shows online.