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Program for configuring networks and analysis of their work. You can download free sniffers, utilities for the network monitoring, programs for traffic control, etc. Basically, the section will be of interest to administrators and advanced users. Scanners LANs, programs to work with IP addresses of customers to manage servers via SSH, and other tools collected in this part of the catalog.

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Free WiFi Detector 1.0
A small utility that allows you to scan your wireless network.
WirelessNetView 1.72
A small program that can view wireless network information.
LizardSystems Wi-Fi scanner 3.2.0
A simple Wi-Fi stumbler which provides wireless network search and analysis.
Acrylic WiFi Free 3.1.6117.24454
This utility provides analysis about Wi-Fi hotspots and network status.
Connectify Hotspot 2017.4.5.38776
This comprehensive utility will help you to turn your computer or laptop into Wi-Fi hotspot.
A compact utility that allows you to scan and open Wi-Fi hotspots with ease.
A lightweight application that allows you to make Wi-Fi hotspots instantly.
MyPublicWiFi 28.1
A small utility that allows you to make a virtual Wi-Fi Hotspot.
Virtual Router 1.0
A small, handy utility that allows you to make Wi-Fi hotspots with ease.
Cain & Abel 4.9.56
This software provides password recovery option and Wi-Fi stumbler.
Homedale 1.66
A simple Wi-Fi stumbler that supports command-line interface.