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WirelessNetView is a small and lightweight utility that provides wireless scanning mode. System administrators use it to view signal strength of detected wireless network and keep logging this information. Besides, you don’t need to install it. The utility works as a portable program and runs in the background. However, the software requires a wireless adapter. Otherwise, you won’t be able to launch it.

Some antiviruses can warn you about infection danger during launching the software. However, it’s not true. The utility is absolutely clean and hasn’t malicious elements. This is the common problem of False Alert for Wi-Fi scanners, encryption software, and password-recovery tools.

The program’s interface has no redundant elements. It’s very simple and easy in use. There are five menu tabs and twenty columns on the main screen. They can give you all information about selected wireless hotspot. It includes SSID, MAC address, encryption type, Channel Frequency, Average Signal, Maximum Speed, and other parameters. The utility will automatically scan system devices and drivers to find a wireless network. You can use advanced options. Just push on F9 shortcut and select the specified network adapter from the drop-down list. There is also a special tool that beeps when a new network is found.

The program will be useful for those people who have multiple access points with the same name. It also can be used as fast and convenient Wi-Fi scanner.

Key features and functions

  • The powerful and convenient Wi-Fi monitor.
  • Run the utility without installation.
  • A small size.

Special requirements

  • Wireless adapter.
  • Wireless card driver that has compatibility with operating system.
  • If you want to launch the software on Windows XP, you should install KB918997 update.

What's new?

1.72 (20.11.2016)
  • You can find the connection name in the adapters list of Advanced Options window.
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Size: 58 KB
License: Freeware (Free)
Updated: 20.11.2016
Version: 1.72
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