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Updated: 2021-10-15

General information about the program

Steam is a distributive platform for PC games. Plus, it’s a kind of social network that communicates casual and hardcore players all around the world. Users can add friend in games and talk to them using the client chat.

If you want to join Steam community, then you should download and install the client, launch it and create an account in the system. You can also protect your account using Steam Guard (via email or mobile phone). After that, set up your profile using Friends tab. You can add an avatar image or change profile name. When you’ll add friend in Steam, they can always see your status (online, offline, away, looking to play, looking to trade and busy).

The main interface has four sections: Store, Library, Community and user’s account menu. Store tab is the marketplace where you can buy new games or try free-to-play projects. After buying a game will be automatically added to your library. It means that you can download it anytime. And even if you’ll uninstall that game you will be able to install it again in Library section. Each game in Steam Store has a description, Steam achievements, promo content (images, video, demo) and users’ reviews. So, you can read opinions of other players and their thoughts about selected game. There is a filter that shows a number of negative and positive reviews. There is also Metacritic block.

Steam is well-known as the game market. But there are also software and video that you can purchase or download for free. Steam provides a live-stream function. You can use it for broadcasting.

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