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GOG Galaxy
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License (Free)
Updated: 2020-12-18

General information about the program

GOG Galaxy is the official client of the popular gaming online service where you can purchase old and new computer games. This service was made by Witcher series developer team, CD Projekt. You can buy games and download them from GOG servers anytime.

When you launch the client, you will discover a giant store where you can find a plenty of PC games. There are 5 tabs in the top panel: Store, Library, User Account, Friends, and Cart. Each game has a short description, video preview, screenshots, and user reviews in the store. Library is the place where you can find all your acquired items for downloading. User Account settings contain private information, as wishlists, wallet, and others. The service allows you to chat with your friends and GOG users via convenient instant messenger (Friends tab).

Despite many gaming services are trying to use a content protection, GOG Galaxy games haven’t DRM or similar privacy limitations. Unlikely Steam, or Origin, it doesn’t require the Internet connection to launch downloaded games. You can easily play them offline.

GOG Galaxy grants you access to a huge game library. You can easily find as bestsellers of the old times as modern hot games. This service allows you to get game masterpieces by a few clicks. There are no ads, DRM, or other annoying things. However, there are some problems with an amount of items in the gaming shop. There are not so many new games because publishers, as Electronic Arts, or Ubisoft, are trying to use their own clients for gaming distribution.

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