All-Radio is a compact utility that has the external audio and video player. It allows you to watch internet television and listen to radio online. There are a lot of popular TV channels, videos and music stations categorized by groups. You can easily add media streams to your favorites. Also, the utility provides a variety of themes for the interface. You can switch between them and switch color parameters. Besides, the software allows you to make recordings and create your own radio stream. In addition, the program has the inbuilt Chromium browser and updates the list of channels and stations that are on the server.

When you install and launch All-Radio, you will discover a stylish interface divided into several parts. There are list categories on the left. You can select a country and TV channels or radio stations. Also, there are buttons that allow you to add streams and videos to favorite tabs. On the right side, there is a player that supports URL and file playback. On the bottom of the screen, you can face the recording button and ‘Show Recordings List’ option. The top menu has the following tabs: File, Skin Settings, Chromium Browser, Own Radio Station, and Radio Retranslation. The first one allows you to change the language. Skin Settings provides color theme switching option. The third tab heads you on the browser based on Chromium. The last tabs can be used for creating radio streams.

Despite All-Radio is the absolutely free software, it has ad banners. Unfortunately, there is no any option how you can remove it.

All-Radio is the handy software for those users who like to watch TV and listen to radio online. If you want to get a convenient utility for watching internet television, then you should try it.

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Size: 55.2 MB
License: Adware (Free)
Updated: 06.11.2017
Version: 4.26
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