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Adobe Flash Player is a necessary component of modern web browsers. If you have troubles with Internet videos, games or animation which is built on Flash, then you should install this application.

Click on Files tab and choose Adobe Flash Player for your browser. The installation process is very simple. You need to shut down the browser during installing. Launch the installer. Wait a few seconds until it will be completed. After that, try to watch any online video (it can be stream or video clip) or play a Flash game using your browser. And in some cases, the installation of Adobe Flash Player can help you to solve issues with certain utilities and services.

If you want to change your Flash settings, just use right-click of the mouse on a Flash content and select Parameters. You’ll see 5 tabs: Display, Confidentiality, Local storage, Microphone and Webcam.

You should know that some browser already have inbuilt Flash Player. There is no need to install it for them. You need to update a version of your browser if you have some problems with Flash plugin compatibility. For example, a modern version of Google Chrome doesn’t require any additional Flash software.

Some people say that Flash is outdated technology and HTML5 will take its place in a short time. But still there is a lot of media content in Internet. So, while there are not clear premises of new HTML5 age, Adobe Flash Player will be one of the most popular browser extensions.

Special requirements

  • 2.33 GHz CPU (1.6 GHz or above CPU for notebooks).
  • 512 MB RAM (1 GB recommended).
  • 128 MB video memory.
  • Web browser.

What's new? (21.11.2016)
  • Secure updates.
  • Various bug fixes.
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Size: 1.14 MB
License: Freeware (Free)
Updated: 21.11.2016
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