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Version for Windows.
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Updated: 2018-02-18

General information about the program

Ashampoo ZIP FREE is a smart, multifunctional and convenient file archiver with an advanced functionality. It has many useful features from the Pro version and gives you an opportunity to use them for free. Plus, it is fully integrated with modern Windows systems and supports a wide-range of popular formats. RAR, ZIP, 7Z, TAR, CAB, ISO, XAR, and others are available for users. Besides, the software has a strong encryption mechanism based on AES 256-bit algorithm.

When you launch Ashampoo ZIP FREE, you will see a handy start screen with different options. You can create a new archive or open the existing one. There are also extra features except for the base functions. For example, you are able to repair a corrupt or damaged archive, write multi-volume ZIP file, and create a new self-extracting archive. When you create or open a file archive, the main interface will appear. It looks like a standard file manager with top menu buttons and workspace area. You can easily add, extract, delete, rename, copy, and send to cloud your archives. Also, you are able to view text and media files in the Preview window.

Despite the application is completely free, it has some functional restrictions. For example, Archive Converter, Multi-Extract, Office/PDF Security, ZIP Script, and other tools are available only in the Pro edition of the software. Also, the free version requires registration. When installing the program you have to type your email address to get a license key for your computer.

Ashampoo ZIP FREE is a reliable and fast utility that provides a variety of tools for convenient work with files and archives. If you are looking for a handy versatile archiver with a lot of options, you should pay your attention to this one.

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