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Version for Windows.
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Updated: 2017-11-12

General information about the program

CamStudio is a lightweight, a handy utility that video recording features. This software allows to you capture a desktop screen and make video tutorials, presentations, or reviews. Output files can be exported to AVI, MP4, and even SWF digital format. Besides, the program has an easy-in-use interface. You don’t need to waste your time on learning features and options of the app. There are no any difficulties to launch a recorder and save your video file. The only thing is an effect menu. However, you can always open ‘Help’ tab and learn how to use various functions.

CamStudio is the open-source project owned by the Camtasia developer team. Originally it was developed by RenderSoft. Further, the software was bought by Macromedia but new owners decided to decline some features. Nowadays independent developers are trying to support this project. They release updates and fix bugs.

When you launch the program, you will face a small window with top menu panel and several buttons below. To start recording, you should click on the red circle button which is the first in a row. Then you have to select an area that will be captured by the program. After that, a recording will be started. To stop it, you should push the blue button which has a square shape. You can also pause your recording process.

CamStudio is absolutely free for everyone. You can use it for commercial and non-commercial environments without any problems. It also hasn’t royalties and ad banners.

CamStudio is the free software that allows you to record audio and video at once. You are able to capture your computer’ screen and export an output video file to a popular digital media format. If you are looking for a simple and functional screen capture utility, you have to pay attention to this one.

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