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FFsplit + FFmpeg, FFsplit Update

Version for Windows.
3.7 (Votes: 1)
Systems: Windows
Windows Vista
Windows 7
Windows 8
Windows 10
Size: 8.4 MB
Langs English
License (Free)
Updated: 2018-06-12

General information about the program

FFsplit is a lightweight and powerful program for live streaming and video recording. The utility was designed for capturing and recording what is happening on your desktop. You can stream as the desktop as video games. It has support for webcams, capture cards, and headsets. The software provides a variety of useful features, as hotkey assigning, overlays applying, and others. Users can broadcast using their accounts on Twitch, YouTube Live, Hitbox, Dailymotion, Ustream, and other streaming services.

The utility has a convenient and elegant design. There are six functional tabs: Session, Output, Encoder, Capture, Hotkeys, and Mics. The last one allows you change program settings and view information about your devices. The Encoder tab allows you set up video resolution, frame rate (FPS), audio and video bitrate. Also, you can switch between AAC and MP3 format. If you want to record a video file, it can be saved in MP4, FLV, and MP4. The Capture tab allows you set video or video delay and choose capture devices.

FFsplit is using FFmpeg codec. It allows you to encode and stream videos captured by the program. If you haven’t it, the program will offer you to download this codec. Also, you should know that utility can change the Windows color scheme. To fix it, you need to disable Windows Aero option in Misc tab.

The utility offers a lot of useful option. You can easily start broadcast without any problem. Besides, it is absolutely free. So, the program can be a real good alternative to XSplit.

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