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Version for Android.
360 Mobile Security Antivirus
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Systems: Android
Android 2.x
Android 3.x
Android 4.x
Android 5.x
Size: 15.9 MB
Langs English
License Freeware (Free)
Updated: 2016-11-25

General information about the program

360 Mobile Security Antivirus is the powerful program that can protect your mobile devices against all type of threats. This application uses dual protection engine. Despite the main detection mechanism, the antivirus has the cloud service that can analyze files in real time.

There is also boosting feature. It allows you to analyze device memory and kill processes that take lots of system resources. That function can help you to save a battery charge and clean internal or external storage. Another additional feature is cleaning option. It’s a kind of inbuilt mobile tweaker that deletes redundant applications and cache files.

The program has a minimalistic interface designed in blue and white colors. There are three functional screens: the antivirus, fan, and boost. Each of them has a large button for analyzing or scanning. You can tap on it to check your system. After scanning, the antivirus can advise you to resolve found problems. Issues have a different level of risk. So, you can decide what to do with found objects, considering their risk level. You can to set up the schedule or black/ignore list. There are also a lot of additional settings that can help you to control your device.

This application contains the antivirus software and cleaning utility, as 2 in 1. Besides, it shows high performance and provides a reliable protection against dangerous threats.

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