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Telegram 5.12.1

Version for Android.
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Systems: Android
Android 2.x
Android 3.x
Android 4.x
Android 5.x
Size: 19.4 MB
Langs English   else
License (Free)
Updated: 2019-12-10

General information about the program

Telegram is a modern cross-platform messenger that provides fast and secure data exchange. It allows you to create group chats, send large files or images. Telegram uses a special method of data transferring. MTProto protocol provides fast performance while transferring messages and files.  When your chatting session is over all messages will be deleted. You can even set a timer of automatic messaging history delete.

To start using the app, you should download it and register an account. For this sake, you need to enter a validating code that comes in SMS on your phone number. The messenger allows you to add unwanted users in the spam list to block their messages.

The main feature of Telegram is security. It was made to bring high-level encryption mechanism and keep your messages in safe. Another interesting feature is the cloud saving technology. The app can easily sync across all your devices. There are no needs to create accounts on PC, phone, and tablet. Just register once and get access to the Telegram service using any available device.

Telegram is a good alternative messaging app to WhatsApp or Viber. The program has no such popularity as previous ones but it has a lot of advantages. Many users think that this application provides a high level of speed and security. Also, the app is absolutely free. You don’t need to purchase a subscription or anything like this. If you are looking for a speedy and reliable freeware messenger, then you should pay attention to this application.

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