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DAW means digital audio workstation software that allows you to create music tracks and make recordings on your computer or laptop. They are complex utilities that provide a variety of advanced tools and options for creating new audios. The most of these programs allow you to plug-in musical instruments including piano roll, electric guitars, drums, etc. Also, they can be used by professional DJs, music artists, producers, and composers who prefer to work at home with a powerful audio editor.

The most of the collection utilities provide a variety of audio samples that you can import to your projects. They will help you to create a track you want within minutes. In addition, these applications allow you to manipulate with sound styles and effects. Besides, you are able to use several channels to enhance your music composition. Also, you should know that the most of sound editors are paid. However, some of them offer a trial version which allows you to run a utility for free with some limitations.

Cubase is the best-known world DAW software. Many famous artists and producers use this audio editor for creating and mastering tracks. It has the advanced functionality and lots of options that allows you to experiment with sounds and create fantastic music masterpieces. PreSonus Studio One is another powerful DAW application. It is very popular among DJs and indie musicians. If you are looking for a convenient and handy tool for music making, then you should pay your attention to FL Studio. It is one of the oldest audio editors. Many artists choose this DAW software because it is completely suitable for creating electronic music.

Software from Collection:

Cubase 8.5.40
The powerful software that is suitable for making new audio tracks.
PreSonus Studio One 3.5.0 build 43196
The powerful versatile tool for creating new audio tracks and sound editing.
FL Studio
The comprehensive digital audio workstation software that allows you to make music at home.
Cakewalk Sonar 2017.09 ( Home
A powerful virtual music studio that allows you to experiment with sounds and create new audio tracks.
Caustic 3.2.0
A simple virtual synthesizer that allows you to record music in real-time.
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