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Updated: 2017-11-12

General information about the program

Cakewalk Sonar is the professional software that provides access to digital audio workstation tools and advanced audio technologies. It is the creative music studio that allows you to compose, record, mix, edit, and master your tracks. Also, you can export output songs to YouTube, SoundCloud, Facebook, and other web services.

When you launch Cakewalk Sonar, you will face a kind of setup Wizard tool. You will be asked about input and output devices, analytics reports for improving software performance, start template, and other preferences. You are able to open a console and insert Audio or MIDI tracks. You can import your music files to edit them using a variety of sound production instruments. It is similar to layers of a photo editor. However, it is not easy for novices who only start to learn DAW software but there are lots of YouTube videos that can help you to learn the interface and features of the program. When you will learn the basics, you can easily realize your music ideas on the workspace.

Despite it is the paid utility, it has a demo version which is completely free for everyone who prefers to work with DAW programs. However, there are things that are unavailable in the demo version. If you want to unlock export feature, you should purchase the commercial version.

Cakewalk Sonar is the creative utility that allows you to use sound studio instruments at home. It has a convenient interface and provides a lot of plugins, effects, and extra tools that can enhance your music track. If you are looking a powerful program for songwriting, recording, or mastering, then you should pay attention to this software.

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