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There are a lot of utilities that allows you to create music at home. The most of them are related to DAW type (digital audio workstation). It means that they are popular among famous artists, song producers, DJs, and musicians. Usually, these programs include mixer tools, cross-faders, virtual synthesizers, racks, drums, guitars, and other musical instruments.

The most of the music making software are paid. There is not a big surprise that these utilities were made for professionals who prefer to have access to a variety of custom settings. Besides, these programs require some skills. Many of them are similar to complex photo editors with layers and a huge library of effects. Also, sound utilities have their own presets, virtual devices, and complicated options. If you want to learn how to make music using these utilities, you have to watch tutorial videos on official websites and YouTube. As for freeware tools, they usually have effortless interface and doesn’t include too many options as the paid ones. Of course, their opportunities can’t be compared with powerful DAW applications. However, they are completely suitable for single purposes. Besides, you should know that the most paid programs, which are represented in the collection, have a trial version with a limited time period.

If you want to create high-quality music, mix tracks, and master them at home as on the professional studio, you have to pay attention to Cubase. It is the world known utility that has a lot of awards and provides a high level of music making experience. Also, if you like to create dance tracks, you can try PreSonus Studio One which is known as the best DJ software.

Software from Collection:

Cubase 8.5.40
The powerful software that is suitable for making new audio tracks.
PreSonus Studio One 3.5.0 build 43196
The powerful versatile tool for creating new audio tracks and sound editing.
Cakewalk Sonar 2017.09 ( Home
A powerful virtual music studio that allows you to experiment with sounds and create new audio tracks.
Caustic 3.2.0
A simple virtual synthesizer that allows you to record music in real-time.
FL Studio
The comprehensive digital audio workstation software that allows you to make music at home.
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