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Version for Windows.
Cisco Webex Meetings
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Updated: 2021-12-01

General information about the program

Cisco Webex Meetings is powerful videoconferencing software that supports a variety of options. It provides lots of features for communication as sending text messages and images, voice chat, Microsoft Office integration, and more. Also, the application allows you to schedule meetings and create web-based rooms without time limit restrictions for your conferences. The utility could be a good choice for online teachers, entrepreneurs, students, managing directors, administrators, and corporate users.

Cisco Webex Meetings desktop client is an easy-in-use. It looks like an instant messenger with a few buttons. When you will sing in, you can easily start or schedule your meeting. There is also a search form to quickly join current conferences and online rooms. Besides, the application will help you to detect your video and audio devices. Then you can set them up and run tests.

To launch a meeting, you need to create a personal online room where you can set up your devices before connection. In the room, you are able to invite other participants, share your screen, record video, and open text chat. The room owner can give rights to participants and mute microphones instantly. There are extra options that would help you to moderate a meeting and create polls for important topics. Also, the app allows everyone to send files and draw paintings or doodles. The last option can be suitable for presentations and discussions.

Cisco Webex Meetings client allows participants to join meetings by ID number. To create your own conference, you should sign up for a registration form on the official web site and wait for a response. Then you will be able to launch video conferences and webinars and send invitation code by email.

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