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Download Google Chrome from official site
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Download Google Chrome (32-bit) from our website
77.26 Mb
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ChromeStandaloneSetup.exe | soft.mydiv.org
MD5: 3f8a1c32bc3438b14edc12e9a4906a9d
SHA256: 258f61f6bdaaeac7f520a8636804c79814c600eada2d59bc0b613d038e573f7d
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Download Google Chrome (64-bit) from our website
79.91 Mb
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ChromeStandaloneSetup64.exe | soft.mydiv.org
MD5: 21c7f52cc8909508d3cb5d6ea1d6f9da
SHA256: be5d20842f8c981d8654cd7da0633c5545b34d074c68bd8c6a441d5b826ace13
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Dev version (for developers)
Download Google Chrome Dev from our website
1.28 Mb
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ChromeSetup.exe | soft.mydiv.org
MD5: 6e7ad549ddc9cb29501ccffe03befe7e
SHA256: ac01e5c85929132d64e3ac6f31b6922ab2d0c6ae5b60b13aa96eb9323b649a3c
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