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Nowadays Android users can’t imagine their life without Internet and web surfing. Web browsers play an important role in a mobile market. If you want to watch online video or visit any web page, you should install a browser. Of course, it would be better if you have a convenient and fast browsing app that provides lots of useful features.

Many modern browsers offer users synchronizing, sharing, bookmarks, incognito mode, download manager, and other demanded options. Some of them display web pages correctly. However, it doesn’t always depend on a browser’s engine. There are a lot of websites that aren’t adapted for mobile devices. The majority of browsers are distributed as free applications.

This list allows you to choose a reliable and quick mobile browser for your needs. There are mobile versions of popular desktop browsers, as Firefox, Google Chrome, and Opera Mini. These programs can interest those users who get accustomed with desktop apps. But there are also exclusive mobile solutions as UC, Puffin, and Dolphin Browser. We recommend you to try all these apps to ensure which of them you really need. Almost all of them show really fast response time score and provide a comfortable surfing. Also, you can choose the most appreciable one.

Software from Collection:

Google Chrome 75.0.3770.101
One of the popular browsers for Android devices.
UC Browser
A powerful cross-platform browser that offers a convenient interface.
Dolphin Browser 11.5.15
A convenient and fast mobile browser for Android devices.
Puffin Web Browser
A fast and convenient web browser for Android devices.
Firefox 50.0
A mobile version of the world-known desktop browser. It has a lot of interesting features for Android users.
CM Browser 5.20.68
A fast and reliable web browser designed for Android platform.
Opera Mini 40.1.2254.138129
It's popular mobile browser for easy and safely web surfing.
APUS Browser 1.5.6
A compact and fast web browser made for Android tablets and phones.
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