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Far On Droid is the convenient file managing app made for tablets and phones. It includes two-pane manager and advanced file viewer. The last one supports a wide variety of media formats. You can watch movies and listen to music directly from the manager. Also, the application grants access to system folders. To edit system files, you should have Superuser privilege. Besides, the app manager supports gestures, as swipe, touch, long hold, and scroll.

After launching the app, you will be asked to learn basics from the step-by-step tutorial. Don’t skip it if you want to quickly get started with the manager. The app’s interface looks like the old-fashioned Far Manager with two panels. You can move, create, delete, edit, and copy files. Panels will help you to instantly operate with files. If you want to get quick access to most common actions, you should use the main panel which in is on the top of the page. To find a certain file or folder, you have to use search. The current path is displaying on the top of the screen. You should know that you can view calculated size of selected files (excluding folders) in the bottom of the page.

The bottom panel contains a lot of options. For example, Alt can be used for multiple file selection. Applications tab shows all installed apps on your mobile device. To get information about the selected folder, you should tap on Quick View tab.

Far On Droid is the successful example of a modern app inspired by software graphics style of the 90s. It supports cloud storages, archive unpacking operations, and provides intuitive file management for those who get accustomed to desktop software.

Key features and functions

  • An interface with two panels.
  • The inbuilt viewer included.
  • You can unpack archive files and execute basic file operations, as edit, delete, search, move, and copy.
  • Support for gestures.
  • Works with cloud storages.

What's new? (20.12.2016)
  • Added support for Android 7.0 file restrictions.
  • You can view file upload progress for OneDrive.
  • Various bug fixes.
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Size: 3.78 MB
License: Freeware (Free)
Updated: 21.12.2016
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