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How do I change my username in Castle Clash?

Please, help me to change my name in Castle Clash game. Can I do it myself?
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DarkWing#143897 08.12.2015, 02:30
There are no ways how to change a username in Castle Clash by yourself. However, you can make a new account and talk to live support tech. They can transfer all data from the old acc to a new one. That's how you can change your name in the game.

Also, you are able to create a new Gmail account and switch between old and new acc in the game. For this sake, just enter Settings and push on the Switch button.
Guest#163780 26.10.2016, 20:34
Yes this is correct I've made 8 accounts :O hard to keep up with but got the name just right! Very we!
GrandLine#167609 30.12.2016, 15:07
According to the latest news from Taiwan, IGG developers now are testing a new feature that allows players to change their usernames. If test results will be successful, then developers will involve this option in the game in 2017.
Zarif#180180 25.08.2017, 17:11
how i change my clash name ?
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