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How to restart Castle Clash game?

I want to reset Castle Clash because I haven't got Pumpkin Duke and lost all free gems. How can I reset a game?
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GrandLine#151920 22.03.2016, 00:00
Nowadays there is no option how you can reset your account and save gems that you have collected on the other acc. Developers removed this feature and it wouldn't be returned. You can only create a new Gmail account and add it to your device settings to start a new game with an empty castle. For this sake, enter Settings in the game. Push on the Switch button, as it shown on the picture below, and select an account, which you have created earlier. Remember, you won't get extra gems as a new player when you create additional accounts.

If have problems with an empty castle after logging in, then you should check if your device is still linked your account. Otherwise, try to switch from Guest to your main acc and re-link it.
Alex#183487 09.11.2017, 18:31
What you want to do is go to settings then go to general then go to iPhone or iPad storage then hit delete app and then download the game again
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