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BitTorrent is a popular utility that allows you to download various files from peer-2-peer network. It means that users store these files, not a server or something else. It makes downloading and uploading more convenient and fast because the network speed depends on the connection of those users who are seeding, downloading, or leeching a file.

If you want to download a file using BitTorrent, you should head to any torrent tracker that you like and download a small torrent file. Then launch it to add a file in a torrent queue. Remember, downloading speed relies on a number of peers that stored the wanted file. Using the context menu, you can pause, stop, and move up/down your torrent downloading in the queue.

After you launch the program, you can discover 3 tabs in the top menu: File, Options, and Help. File can be used for manual adding of torrent files and RSS feeds. Options will help you to customize the interface and set up preferences. To manage your torrent files, use tabs from the left column.

Despite the utility distributes as freeware, it contains ad banners, promotions, and digital items. When you launch the downloader, you will be asked about installing supplementary tools. Also, you can upgrade to Pro to unlock extra functions, as HD Media Player, Anti-virus Protection, or Streaming feature.

BitTorrent is a comprehensive torrent client that provides a fast and reliable method of downloading large files. It has a user-friendly interface and a variety of settings for customization. The program was based on uTorrent code and has the similar UI. However, BitTorrent provides some features that you won’t face in uTorrent, as Transfer Cap that can limit the network traffic by time, UPD NAT-traversal mechanism, fully uTP protocol support, and fully UPD tracker support.

Key features and functions

  • A convenient torrent manager.
  • Transfer Cap feature.
  • A modern customizable interface.
  • Fast performance.

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