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Safari is the popular worldwide web browser with a modern interface and advanced functionality. The application has some interesting features that you won’t face in other browsers. For example, Reading List that is similar to bookmarks allows you to store web pages you are interested in but you have no time and want to check them out later. Also, you can use the convenient Reader Mode that allows everyone to focus on the text and to read web content fluently. It removes all redundant elements on a page and views the text without ad banners.

When you launch the browser, you will discover a handy branded interface. On the top-left corner of the screen, there are the following functional buttons: Reader List, All Bookmarks, and Top Sites. The last one shows the most visited and recommended web pages. The second one displays your collection of bookmarks, RSS feeds, and tabs. Remember that the browser automatically imports bookmarks from Internet Explorer. So, all of them will be added to Bookmark section. As for Reader List, it shows all added web pages that you want to check later. Besides, you can easily attach any bookmark on the top menu panel. On the right side of the address bar, there is a search form that allows you to switch between Google, Yahoo, and Bing engine.

Also, the browser supports extensions and allows you to customize menu elements. They provide a lot more opportunities then Chrome add-ons. As for HTML5 support, it allows you to watch videos, use media caching function, view CSS3 styles, and define user’s location.

Safari was brought to us by Apple Company. It has the most required features and provides smooth experience while navigating web pages. If you look for a fast and convenient web browser with a brilliant interface, then you have to pay your attention to this one.

Special requirements

  • Service Pack 2 for Windows XP.

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Updated: 11.02.2018
Version: 5.1.7
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