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Vivaldi 4.3.2439.56

Version for Windows.
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Systems: Windows
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License (Free)
Updated: 2021-10-22

General information about the program

Vivaldi is the powerful web browser made by former Opera developers. It comes with astonishing features that simplify navigating and web surfing. Some of them were used in Opera, as the express panel with tabs, but others are absolutely new. One of the most interesting functions is Quick Commands that allows you to use the inbuilt tools, switch between tabs, enter the settings menu, and search through open tabs by one click. Notes will help you to make important prompts that can be linked to a specific website while you browse. Using the Side Panel, you are able to get quick access to your notes, downloads, and bookmarks. Also, you can use Page Actions to apply various filters and block unwanted content on the web page. Besides, the browser has a variety of options that can help you to set up panels, address bar, language, search engine, fonts, bookmarks, tabs, appearance, mouse, and keyboard.

The browser has a handsome, customizable interface. Using Themes, you can easily change styles, colors, and make the interface more comfortable for your needs. The browser support gestures. Plus, you can make your own gestures for different actions. Each tab you can display in the preview mode. Also, you can add multiple to a group and organize them. These tabs will be displayed in multiple desktops.

Vivaldi is the modern and fast browser that differs from Chromium based ones. It has a plenty of new options that enhance your browsing experience. Also, it has an adaptive, clear, and easy-to-use interface. If you like the Opera browser and its features, then you will be glad to use this software.

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