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Cyberfox 52.6.1

Version for Windows.
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Systems: Windows
Windows 7
Windows 8
Windows 10
Size: 78.3 MB
Langs English
License (Free)
Updated: 2018-02-19

General information about the program

Cyberfox is a fast versatile browser based on Mozilla Firefox engine named Gecko. It emphasizes on stable performance, high level of CPU optimization, and security of web surfing. Also, the browser has support for multiple languages and provides amazing customizable options which are available for everyone for free. Besides, the most of remarkable features of Firefox were transferred to this application. For example, you can easily sync with your account to store important data including passwords, history, and bookmarks. Also, the browser allows you to use developer tools, Private Window mode, Reader View, and much more.

When you launch Cyberfox, you will be asked about settings. You will be able to import bookmarks from your existing browsers and set up the start page. The app interface has a glow shiny look. However, you can always change a theme using the advanced preferences. If you want to add a new extension, view your browsing history, print webpage content, or sign in to the cloud system, you should click on the menu icon which is on the top-right corner of the screen. To add your webpage to favorites, use the star icon which is on the top panel nearby the menu button. You can also customize a toolbar using ‘Cyberfox’ button which is on the top-left corner and ‘Options’ tab from the drop-down list.

Cyberfox is a handy high-speed web browser that is fully compatible with Intel/AMD processors and Firefox extensions. It has a variety of useful functions, provides support for 32-bit/64-bit OS, and allows you to customize an interface as you want. If you are looking an alternative to Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome, you can try this browser.

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