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Updated: 2017-10-03

General information about the program

WebcamXP is a compact free utility that helps you to connect and use a webcam or network camera. It was made for remote streaming via your webcam device. So, you need only Internet and this software to turn your PC into a security office. Also, the program supports MPEG-4 recording format, HTTP broadcasting, FTP / HTTP uploading, capturing options, convenient scheduler, and minor features. You can even take photos and record videos using this utility. However, the program requires knowledge and skills because it hasn’t an intuitive interface and you should learn how to use main functions using help information.

When you launch the application, you have to connect your device. Then you will be able to use Monitor tab to select a source and test quality of a video. To start the broadcast, you have to open the second tab in the left column of the screen. There you will find streaming, live chatting, and uploading functions. Security tab allows you to use motion and audio detector. This screen includes a lot of supplementary functions and digital video recording feature. Options tab heads you to Recording / Windows Media profiles where you can change video/audio compression filters and set MJPEG frame rate.

Despite the app distributes as freeware for personal usage, it has also the commercial version. After purchasing webcam 7 Pro / webcamXP Private, you can unlock extra features, as streaming in Flash Video, addition video sources, and others.

WebcamXP is a perfect tool for webcams and network cameras. It provides essential options that help you to monitor any area or location. Besides, the program supports a wide range of camera models including USB webcams, TV tuners, and capture video cards.

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