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What are the best crests in Castle Clash?

I collected a lot of crests. But I haven't enough red crystals to combine all my crests. So, I want to know more about the best crests for different heroes.
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GrandLine#152308 27.03.2016, 03:51
Rare and mythical crests grant more useful abilities. You should pay attention to the following crests: Heavy Blow, Bulwark, Psyshield, Berserk, Life Drain, Deadly Strike, War God, Slow Down, Revitalize, and Revive. Self Destruct and Scatter are good for guild events. But these crests have many disadvantages. And they are not so good in raids or dungeons.

Heavy Blow is the good crest against guild bosses. You can inlay it for Druid, Pumpkin Duke or Thundergod.

War God and Berserk are universal crests that can be used for all heroes with high dagame rate. Deadly Strike is good against dungeon bosses. Slow Down will help you to walk through high-level monster waves.

Many players also appreciate the Sprint Crest because it can give you advantages in the Arena. Flame Guard and Stone Skin also are good crests for a start.
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