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CarTunes is a beautiful music player that supports a variety of audio formats. It was designed for iOS devices. The application supports gesture control and can be opened in full-screen mode on your iPhone or iPad.

The app has a modern and handsome interface. The main screen has five tabs. You can switch between them using swipe action. For example, you have to swipe to the left to playback next audio track. Swipe on the right allows you to play the previous song. iPhone design a little bit differs from the iPad version.

The player imports music from media library stored on your device. If you are launching this app on iPad then you can see an artist name and album artwork on the left side of the screen. Audio tracks from you media library are displayed on the right side. Users can sort music by artists. The app allows you to set various settings. If you need to change sound settings, you have to use the inbuilt equalizer. You can also customize the user interface as you want. If you want to share a song name and your opinion about what you are listening, you can always tweet it on Facebook or Twitter.

This is a good solution if you want to get an alternative app to your standard audio player. Despite it is not the free application, you won’t be disappointed by the functionality of this player. The app would be very useful if you want to listen to music in your car.

Key features and functions

  • The app synchronizes with your iTunes library.
  • Smart gesture control.
  • Multi-brand equalizer included.
  • Adapted for iPhone and iPad screens.

What's new?

6.3.1 (10.04.2016)
  • CarTunes no longer pauses your music on launch.
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Size: 0.6 MB
License: Commercialware (Paid)
Updated: 10.04.2016
Version: 6.3.1
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