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Sometimes you need to check and control your laptop and PC hardware temperatures. For this sake, you can use a lot of handy monitoring applications from this collection. The most of them allow you to view a fan speed (RPM), CPU and GPU temperatures in real-time. Also, these utilities are suitable for checking the detailed information about your hardware devices and operating system. They will help you to avoid overheating and memory overloading within seconds.

Usually, temperature monitoring apps have a simple interface designed for quick viewing of important hardware parameters. There are no redundant graphics elements and options. In addition, some of the utilities can be launched without installation. It simplifies the monitoring process and gives you an opportunity to use them from USB flash drives. Also, some of the utilities have fast benchmarks that will help you to test your hardware.

The collection provides lots of free utilities that can be used for system monitoring for free. You will discover HWMonitor that has convenient tools for viewing and checking of your hardware. And it is completely easy-in-use. Also, you should pay your attention to Speccy and Everest Home Edition. Both utilities can be recommended as the alternative to HWMonitor. Also, there are programs suitable for checking a single device. For example, GPU-Z allows you to view the options related to your graphics adapters. Often, such applications give you the additional information that can help you to learn more about your device.

Software from Collection:

HWMonitor 1.33
A small handy tool that helps you to monitor a temperature of CPU, video card, fans, and other system devices.
Speccy 1.32.740
A convenient handy tool that allows you to view information about your system devices and check a temperature.
SpeedFan 4.52
The comprehensive utility that allows you to control a fan speed and view temperatures, voltages, and other parameters.
Everest Home Edition 2.20
A comprehensive functional utility that allows you to monitor your PC hardware devices.
GPU-Z 2.5.0
A compact monitoring utility that will help you to control a video card temperature.
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