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VueScan is the comprehensive software that maid for scanning purpose. It allows you to scan documents, pictures, slides, and films. The utility supports a wide range of scanner models. Also, it has a huge base of outdated drivers that can be installed if you have old scanning device. That is convenient solution

The program has an easy-in-use interface and it doesn’t require the installation process. When you launch the utility first time, you will discover the main screen with 2 tabs in the left column, Preview/Scan screen, and top menu. The Input tab provides basic options, as modes (flatbed or transparent), media, size, scan resolution, default folder, file type, and document name. The Prefs tab allows you to change the interface language, font size (pt), and external viewer. If you want to get advanced settings, you should click on the button Options Plus which is on the bottom of the screen. It will allow you to display the following tabs: Filter, Crop, Color, and Output. They can be used for image resizing, coloring, and adding visual effects (sharpen, descreen, flatten, restore fading).

Despite VueScan is the commercial software, it provides free trial version. If you want to unlock extra features, as regular updates, OCR text files, and others, you should purchase the full version of the utility.

VueScan offers a reliable and quick method of document scanning. If you want to get a suitable utility that supports a variety of scanners and includes a lot of scanning settings, then this software could be a nice solution for your needs.

Limitations of trial version

  • Watermark is enabled.

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Updated: 07.03.2023
Version: 9.7.99
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