The Android platform provides comprehensive navigation tools that will help users to find a certain place and make an appropriate route. If you are going to visit new villages, towns, and countries, you have to download navigating apps on your smartphone or tablet. They simplify different journey issues and allow you to use a high-grade virtual guide.

This section contents various Android navigation applications. Some of them provide extra information about the route, traffic jams, weather, and local sights. Also, the most reliable navigating apps allow you to download maps and use them offline. That’s quite convenient when you aren’t able to connect the network on the way.

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It's the convenient and free Android navigator that provides a lot of useful features.
Sygic: GPS Navigation 18.4.2
A popular cross-platform application for navigation.
Maverick 2.7.4
This navigator allows you to download maps and view them in offline mode.
Google Maps 9.41.1
The useful navigation made by Google company for Android platform.
Garmin Navigator 9.2.0
The popular application that can transform your Android device into a GPS navigator.
BE-ON-ROAD (GPS Navigation) 16.2.5
The powerful Android navigator that provides a variety of advanced features.
Wisepilot GPS 5.4
The comprehensive navigation app for mobile phones and tablets.
MapFactor: GPS Navigation 2.2.63
The comprehensive navigator for Android devices.
HERE Maps 2.0.10914
The handy Android navigator that has a lot of useful features.
TomTom GPS Navigation Traffic 1.13.2
The most powerful navigation app for Android devices.
Gismeteo Lite 1.1.1
A simple application that can inform you about current weather and temperature.
WiFi Map 3.1.0
An accurate map application that displays Wi-Fi hotspots on your local map.