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Updated: 2021-08-27

General information about the program

KMPlayer is a multifunctional media player that has a cross-platform support. This player allows users to playback 3D, 4K and UHD videos. The utility doesn’t require additional libraries. It has already the base set of audio and video internal codecs.

Main buttons are under the timeline of play screen. There are Cycle 3D Mode, Playlist Editor, Control Box, Filters, Audio Streams, volume control and playback menu. The Control Box is used for brightness, saturation, hue and contrast tuning. If you need to get additional settings, use F2 key to enter the Preferences. You can also change menu theme and standard skin.

KMPlayer has the subtitle editor. You can add to video all known formats of subtitles. If you want to capture video or audio, use right-click button of the mouse and Capture tab. If you want to change a language, right-click on main screen and choose Language tab. To load a file use drag-and-drop or Open file option. You can also open a folder to load several files and playback a stream audio or video. To view a separate video frame, point your mouse cursor on a timeline segment.

If you are looking for versatile and stable player, then KMPlayer will be a good solution. It supports all popular video and audio extensions. Plus, there are a lot of additional options as rotation, capturing, 3D image convertation, color balancing and others.

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